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Pickup technology - 2019 International Conference on noise optimization successfully concluded

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  From September 5 to 6, 2019, the "2019 International Conference on vehicle noise optimization" jointly organized by pickup Automotive Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., ATC automotive technology platform and Shanghai motor vehicle testing and certification technology research center, was successfully concluded in Shanghai.


  The purpose of this meeting is to provide engineering solutions for the industry. The R & D teams of domestic and foreign mainstream vehicle manufacturers and relevant industry colleagues are invited to deeply discuss the difficult problems and solutions of NVH development of vehicle and key parts of the system based on NVH development cases. Meanwhile, the hot topics of NVH industry, such as active noise reduction, active voice generation and sound management, are discussed in depth.


  As a special partner of the conference, Mr. Zhao Jingyi, the project director of pickup, shared the theme report of "road noise development methods and application cases". As the most professional third-party NVH service provider in China, the reported road noise development content explores the road noise development evaluation system from a comprehensive and deep level, and puts forward corresponding solutions to the development status and weakness of road noise NVH technology in China, and systematically summarizes the development process of road noise.


  During the tea break, the participants gathered in front of the pickup technology booth to discuss NVH development technology with the pickup technology personnel. Pickup technology focuses on providing the most professional NVH consulting services for peers in the industry, and provides performance quantitative design and decomposition verification services for domestic new energy vehicle enterprises and traditional automobile enterprises.


  Finally, Mr. Wu still Guang, general manager of pickup technology, organized a workshop to discuss "active sound management and sound design" in depth to discuss with you how to manage the sound quality of the vehicle and how to customize the exclusive brand voice. The conference focused on active sound management and sound design, including active noise reduction technology ANC, RNC, active voice, sound design, control system and design algorithm. At the meeting, the participants discussed the difficulties and future development direction of the field.


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