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Variable frequency tuning part

Sin.VTE variable frequency tuning part – which can be used for the complete vehicle tuning.

➢  With the help of Sin.BAM, you can find the influence of air intake noise to the vehicle interior at the frequency of the problem point;

➢  Combined with the vehicle front compartment package layout, design the available tuning volume and the length of connecting pipe;

➢  Sin.VTE software can be used to calculate the diameter of throat pipe.

Sin.VTE can be applied to tune engine bench

➢  Provide air intake tuning facilities for the engine bench

Tuning specifications

➢  Sin.VTE tuning part volume scale: 0.4 ~ 4.2L;

➢  Inner diameter of throat pipe: 15~50mm

➢  Equivalent length of throat pipe: 80~205mm

➢  Tuning frequency: 63Hz~400Hz

Auxiliary Muffler

Sin.BAM auxiliary muffler is applied in the vehicle chassis dynamometer with anechoic chamber

➢  Shield the noise of the intake port and exhaust port, and identify the influence of the noise of the intake port and exhaust port on the roar of the car

➢  Objectively evaluate the sound transmission loss that the noise from the intake port and exhaust port is transmitted to the vehicle body;

➢  ectively evaluate the contribution rate of the noise order of the intake port and exhaust port to the noise inside the vehicle;

➢  Break down the overall noise goal of complete vehicle  to the intake port and exhaust port;

Sin.BAM is applied in the engine bench with anechoic chamber

➢  Evaluate the contribution of noise radiation from intake port and exhaust port to engine noise

Microphone holder and its accessories

Microphone holder consists of high-strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel, light and portable, strong structure and good appearance.

➢  With multiple movable joints, the microphone position can be adjusted in multiple angles and three dimensions;

➢  The holder adopts flexible design, and it can be replaced by suitable accessories according to experimental requirements;

➢  The microphone protective cover can protect the microphone;

➢  The upper and lower slots can be used to install a laser pointer and a microphone at the same time, which is convenient for the users to accurately find the angle of the sound field injection point;