Suspension system road noise testrig

The test bench specially designed for improving the road noise performance of suspension system, combined with the rotating hub with replaceable hub skin, can perfectly reproduce the working environment of suspension system under different test road characteristics and driving speed in the test field. Independent of the body structure design principle, the road noise test bench can be combined with the test database, shorten the development cycle of the new suspension system, and promote the development forward.

working principle

In the process of driving on the road, the wheel is excited by the uneven road surface, and the force is transmitted to the vehicle body through the suspension system, which causes the vibration of the interior structure and causes the road noise problem.  

Because the connecting and transferring force of suspension system acts on the body through elastic bushing. When the ground excitation frequency is higher than 30Hz, the vehicle body and suspension system are basically decoupled, and the correlation between the attachment transfer force and the body becomes very small. Based on this principle, we designed the bench for road noise performance of suspension system.        

The stiffness of the body attachment point can not affect the vibration characteristics of the suspension system unit, which is the precondition of using the bench.

Scope of application

Evaluate the suspension system independently

Optimize the performance of suspension system in different body

Comparison and comparison of competitive suspension systems

The adhesion force of hard point was measured, and TPA analysis was carried out by transmission function (simulation or test) to estimate the interior noise.